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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Original Promise Keeper (Isaiah 40:8)

"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever."

From the very beginning of Genesis, God speaks and even that which is nothing obeys Him and becomes what God ordains. God promises Adam and Eve that disobedience will result in death. And it does. God promises the couple a coming Seed who will crush the head of the serpent but whose heel will be bruised in the process. Christ is the Promised Seed.

God promises Abraham and his barren wife a child and they have a child in spite of physical impossibilities. God promises Abraham that his descendants will be as "innumerable as the stars in the sky and as immeasurable as the sand by the seashore" when Abraham and Sarah are still without child. Further, He promises that they will be held captive for four hundred years (Genesis 15:12-16) but that God Himself will deliver them and bring them back to the land of promise. These are just a few examples of promises from the book of Genesis.

God also promises Israel that continued disobedience will result in captivity (Deuteronomy 28:36). Israel lives to see that day as they are carried into captivity by the Assyrians. And now Isaiah ministers to Judah just prior to her captivity by the Babylonians. When God's warnings are not heeded He fulfills His promises.

No other document of antiquity comes close to the predictive accuracy of Scripture. Critics may assail it but they cannot deny the Bible's faithful and clear record of accurate predictions. 

What is the secret of this accurate book? 
Why are its prophecies so trustworthy that even events spoken of hundreds and even thousands of years come to pass just as the human writers promise under the Spirt's leadership?

Behind the scenes the Author backs up His prophecies with the power to fulfill them. So, the answer to the questions has to do with the veracity and omnipotence of the Author. Though penned by human hands the Bible is God-breathed. The Scriptures consistently demonstrate that what God promises God performs. God will move heaven and earth in order to fulfill His promises. His promises are bankable!!

That God keeps His promises is evident throughout the Bible. He is the Original Promise Keeper.

Questions for today's Chronological Bible reading:
Isaiah 40:1-42:25
  • What analogies does Isaiah use in today's reading to describe the heart of God for his people?
  • Make a list of the wonderful characteristics/attributes Isaiah ascribes to God.
  • Make a list of the "reversals" in nature that occur as a result of God's blessings on His people.
  • What reasoning does the Lord use to address idol worship?
  • Make a note of the terms used to describe the Messiah.
  • Make a list of the terms used to describe Israel.
Turning truth into prayer
Thank the Lord that He is the Promise Keeper. Thank Him for His great and precious promises and for His ability to back up His promises with actions. Personalize His promise in Isaiah 41:10.