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Friday, May 13, 2016

Three Men and a Returning King (2 Samuel 19:39)

"So all the people crossed the Jordan, and the king crossed over. The king kissed Barzillai and gave him his blessing, and Barzillai returned to his home."

What a difference a day makes. What significant days in the past generation have shaped the world? Pearl Harbor and 9/11. What significant days changed the course of your life? (marriage, a death, birth of a child, job relocation, divorce, etc.)

This narrative teaches us just how quickly one single event can alter our circumstances.

On the day when he proudly and publicly cursed King David, Shimei never envisioned that David would return and he would be forced to humble himself before the king he despised.

When Mephibosheth had heard the news of David's flight he mourned and wept because the only one who had shown him kindness and offered him protection was taken away. Ziba misrepresented him leaving him helpless and paralyzed.

Barzillai came to David as a friend, never expecting that David again would regain his reign in Israel.

Now on a day that none of them chose or foresaw each of these men stands before the king. One will be honored, one will be restored, and one will be pardoned.

This narrative also teaches us three truths:
1. The evil that you boldly do now will one day be exposed and come back to haunt you.
2. The slander that you experience will one day be exposed and you will be vindicated.
3. The good that you do, without any thought of reward, will one day be recognized and rewarded.

What may perhaps be hidden here on earth will one day be applauded in heaven.

Even though Shimei's rebellion is pardoned temporarily ultimately he experiences the full judgement of David by the hand of Solomon.

Questions for today's Chronological Bible reading:
2 Samuel 18:19-33

  • Based upon how David has responded toward the bearer of bad news in the past (2 Samuel 1:10-16), why does Joab send the Cushite instead of Ahimaaz?
  • How does David respond to the death of his son? How does this response affect the nation? How does Joab approach David?
Psalm 64, 70, 84, 141, 143
  • Describe David's prayer life during this period of his life.
  • What do these Psalms teach you about David's trust in the Lord and view of his circumstances and his enemies?
  • Make a list of the personal requests David asks of God in these Psalms.
  • What do these Psalms teach you about the content of your prayers
2 Samuel 19
  • How do Joab and the Israelites respond to David's grief over his son?
  • How does Shimei respond to the change in his situation after Absalom's death?
  • How does David know that Mephibosheth is telling him the truth?
  • What do David's responses to Shimei, Mephibosheth, and Barzillai tell you about King David's spiritual condition even in his grief over his son?
Turning truth into prayer:
The most significant day of your life will be the day you will stand before the returning King. Someone has well said, "The apostle Paul had two days on his calendar--today, and that Day (the day he would stand before Jesus), and he lived every today in light of that Day." As you pray, ask the Lord to let you live today in the light of that one all-important Day. Pray especially that you would be unashamed on that Day (Phil. 1:20).