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Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Wise Woman Saves the Day! (2 Samuel 20:22a)

"Then the woman went to all the people with her wise advice, and they cut off the head of Sheba son of Bicri and threw it to Joab."

 When we were kids, we used to watch the cartoons. Mighty Mouse was one of our favorites--he would come out and say, "Here I come to save the day, Mighty Mouse is on his way"! While cartoons are fun, the Bible gives real examples of heroes who saved the day. Many were women, and some were unnamed. The stories today tell of one such hero who rescued her city from destruction.

When David returned from Absalom's rebellion, a Benjamite named Sheba rose up in rebellion against the king. He led the men of Israel away from David, so David called Abishai, Joab's brother (and David's cousin) to lead his troops to find this rebel. When they finally found him, he had taken refuge in Abel Beth Maacah. Joab and his men began to build siege ramps against the city, intending to destroy the city.

In the midst of their work, a wise woman called out to Joab. She spoke to Joab with such wisdom that she was able to rescue the city from destruction, end the hostilities, and even eliminate the rebel who caused the trouble. This unnamed, wise woman is one of God's heroes. What motivated this woman to such decisive and wise action?

She realized the seriousness of the problem; her city was about to be destroyed. She appealed to the leader; she called on Joab. She learned the reason for the problem; one man was rebelling against the king. She reminded Joab of important truths about her city; it was a mother in Israel, and he was about to swallow up the LORD's inheritance. She heard his solution, and appealed again to her leaders to do what was right. She willingly sacrificed the head of one rebel to save the city. Wise women exist in every generation. God is waiting for wise women to see the trouble, learn to appeal in prayer, pray the truth about the situation, act in accordance with God's wisdom, and do what is best for the King and His kingdom. Will you be God's wise woman and save the day where you are?

Questions for today's Chronological Bible reading:

2 Samuel 20
  • Who was the troublemaker and why did he cause the trouble?
  • In what way did Joab act treacherously? When and how did he do this before?
Psalm 140
  • Describe the character of the enemies who have set out to harm David.
  • How does David respond to their attacks?
  • David prays in faith to God; find and discuss the basis of his hope.
  • David prays as well an imprecatory prayer. What is this type of prayer?
1 Chronicles 22
  • David is preparing the materials and the men for the building of the temple; why doesn't he build it himself?
  • For whom is David making this preparation? What specific challenges does his give to his son? How do these words remind you of God's commands to Joshua?
  • How much wealth does David lay aside for the temple? In what ways does David's commitment give him authority to challenge others to obey God?
Psalm 29
  • How should believers worship the LORD?
  • What does this psalm teach about the voice (word) of the LORD?
Psalm 30
  • Why does David praise God for His anger?
  • What is the promise of weeping?
  • When God is our help, what does he do to our weeping?
Turning Truth into Prayer:

God has put you in situations that call for wise heroes. You need to pray for the wisdom to know what to do, the grace to do it well, the power to appeal, the right words to speak, and the courage to act in accordance with what you know is right. Ask God to raise you up as a wise woman "for such a time as this."